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This is the official website of the Fencing Club of PTE-PEAC. PTE stands for University of Pécs(Pécsi Tudományegyetem), PEAC stands for Athletic Club of University of Pécs (Pécsi Egyetemi Atlétikai Club).  PTE-PEAC expresses very well the relation among sports and higher education, and university life in Pécs. In our case, this is fencing. The club was founded in 1923, and has a colorful story. Even if you are beginner, or advanced, you are warmly welcome to join us.
Nota bene: hungarian tendency follows the world’s: epée is the prime weapon.
But foilists, don’t be shy – usually there are opponents to fence with at Gym Hall of Downtown Primary School! Unfortunaltelly there is no chance to practice for sabre fencers, unless more participants are coming. Still, the club is not able to provide equipments for foil and sabre.

The club has two main locations:
[box] Gym Hall of Calvinistic High School (Református Gimnázium tornacsarnoka)

Pécs, Engel János utca 15.

Epée trainings:
Tue 17.00–20.00
Wed 17.00–19.30
Thu 17.30–20.00
Fri 17.30–20.00

Head coach: Danka Sándor (EN)

Coaches: Bokrétás Csaba (DE), Hesz Krisztián (EN), Patócs Zsolt (IT) 


[box] Gym Hall of Downtown Primary School (Belvárosi Általános Iskola tornaterme)

Pécs, Megye utca 15.

Epée trainings: Mon–Tue–Thu: 17–19.00

Head coach: Farkas György(EN)

Coaches: n/a


The club is glad to start a beginner course for undergraduates and adults, but the possibilities need to be under conversation. Location and time need to be carefully adjust according to the availability of the participants and our events.
For more information drop us an e-mail to pecsivivas(at)gmail(dot)com or call one of our coaches (english speakers are marked).